OI with a bit more rocker alternative

these three

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I am going to focus on these three for test paddling:

Tempest 165 pro
Impex Force 4
Valley Aquanaut LV

I am unfortunately stuck in the one boat for all mode, for now. I assume that for couple hour afternoon paddles on the local lake, the Tempest is surely the better day boat pick vs. an expedition style boat (Force 4) to go paddle for two hours? Asked another way, is it ridiculous to be taking out a Force 4 on the local lake for a five mile paddle for a couple of hours?

Valley Aquanaut LV

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I have one on order, I am 5 foot 8.546 inches and 165 lbs. I cannot tell you personally how it paddles yet, but I do already have a Valley Avocet, which is an outstanding playboat for rock gardening, but not fast enough for keeping up with the Jones' in a paddle group unless the engine is super tuned (my banana Twinkie munching, Coke guzzling engine is not) because of the shorter length and rocker. But it is a roller, and a nice snug but not too snug fit.

The Valley Nordkapp RM is also another boat of mine, and exceptional all around vessel, and does much of what you wnat. But it is bigger than either of us need.

So, that leaves the Anaut LV, which I am thinking will be the ultimate in between boat for rolling and rocking and straight ahead paddling. At 22 inch beam, nice and comfortable (word has it that the Nord LV is twitchy, and has some not liking the constant attention it requires in the soup); I have not paddled the Nord LV.

My friend bruce on Pnet paddles the Anaut Rm and it seems superb all around.

Cheers, Martin.

On the OI

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Back on the OI . . .as a Point A to Point B boat on larger freshwater lakes, I have immensely enjoyed this boat for long day paddles the past two years. Even a couple of overnight camping trips on large Adirondack lakes. I've been pretty effective at turning my OI with edging on open water. So what has changed? With the price of gas and a busier work schedule, group paddles are now closer to home on lakes with tight tributaries to explore and small coves to navigate.

Tempest 165 and Aquanaut LV COMPOSITE

Don’t expect the Aquanaut LV in RM and FG/KV to be the same boat - it isn’t despite what some might think. The LV in composite is a much snugger (ie, GREAT) fit for me at 6’2 and 185lbs. However, I also have thin legs/butt so like this size of cockpit as it takes minimal outfitting.

Saw a Tempest 165 at the North Cove Demo (met FlatPick’s wife there) and as it was someone’s boat and not a demo model I didn’t try it on for size. But - that is one hot looking little boat! I see that Paul (BrazilBrazil) has had one for some time - so maybe I can talk him into selling it to me and just keeping his Tempest 170 as he outweighs me now by 15#.

I think either boat would be a super choice if it was me - though the Tempest might be a bit more maneuverable and the Aquanaut LV FG just a bit more waterline (faster?).

Enjoy the boat lust - I am looking to add another to my quiver of BBK Aral/Greenland Pro within the next few weeks.

Scott L

I have not paddled the Nord LV

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You should try a Nordlow ;-) It is a sexy quick manuverable boat. I am enjoying mine.

It is not everyone's cup of tea. I doubt it should be hardly anyone's only boat.

Cetus LV
Hi Martin,

No I don’t have one on the floor yet. Being that you seem to be doing a good methodical screening of kayaks the Cetus LV should be hitting US shores sometime this Summer. Might fit the rocker profile of what you’re looking for and should have a low enough back deck for the laybacks. Want me to shoot you a note when it’s in?

See you on the water,


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