Oil finish questions

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I have a weekend project lined up - fabricating a QD carrying yoke for my Magic. All the commercial yokes were heavy duty, and I feel that they are overkill for a 34# boat.

I picked up a can of Watco Danish Oil in walnut (for appearance). I also have an old can of Watco Exterior that I will be using on the gunwales.

My question is: After darkening the wood with the Danish Walnut oil should I plan on using the Exterior oil for added protection? Are there UV inhibitors in the Exteriao that are lacking in the Danish Walnut?

Sure enough, as discussed here previously, the drilled screw holes are dry, bare wood and need to be treated with oil. Likewise for the saw-cut ends of the thwarts and seat.


Part II: Anyone here ever finish a bent shaft with oil? I know that oil on GP's is common (use it myself on my Mitchell loom for the "feel") but I was considering refinishing a BS with the walnut color oil for looks.

I don’t really know about the uv
blocking properties in your oil finish. I’ve been using Watco Teak oil finish. The can says it has superior uv and moisture resistance. I use it on the thwarts and seat in my boat as well as on all my paddles. It seems to work ok. My paddles are homemade so I didn’t have to remove any varnish. I only touch up the blade tips after every trip. Much easier than revarnishing!

I use Minwax 209 (clear) on walnut
and elm paddle handles. I don’t think UV protection is particularly relevant, as UV inhibitors are mainly to protect a varnish, itself, and underlying epoxy, etc., and this is not an issue with oils. What one wants in an oil is good penetration, good resistance to repeated wetting, and absence of a sticky feeling.

Note, also, that if you use a walnut stain oil, you may get colored palms.

Hand staining

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Hmmmm I had not considered that. Maybe I will use the Watco walnut oil for an initial coat and top it off with clear exterior oil.

Once dry watco will take varnish, or will it?

Edit: Yes it will, according to the manufacturer.


I know Minwax 209 takes varnish.
You should give the oiled wood plenty of drying time in a warm environment— that should help varnish adhere well.