oil on wooden canoe parts

Not sure how to get to the part of the forum however people were discussing care of wood canoe parts.

In northern canada where the weather is rough most of the time we use 1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 tung oil, 1/3 spar varnish. Works excellent and products are compatable. Twice a year coats work.

Have fun and get out there.

Lots of oils will work, if applied
properly and regularly. Your combo sounds good, but I would be reluctant to buy jugs of three products when one jug of Watco Exterior will do.

oil on wooden canoe parts
you bet it does work but if something is easier and more available and works thats a deal we have numerous canoes and suggestions have been go to plastic or metal gunwales and seats but they are very noisy when clients or guides bang paddles against them scares the wild things i like quiet so will stick with wood

The hull is the big noisemaker.
I have an S-glass/Kevlar whitewater canoe, with wooden gunwales and quiet minicell foam outfitting, but that thin hull bangs like a Grumman going down a wave train.