OK, Another Seat Install Question?

So finding stainless steel machine flat head screws in 1/4 inch by 6 inches long is impossible so it looks like it aint gunna happen so… can I use hex head bolts with a standard flat washer rather than the recessed ones used that go through the vinyl gunwale on the Old Town Discovery 164?

The only thing I see as an issue is that they will not be as low profile as the stock screws.

This is my last effort or I will be stuck with the thin stock flimbsy things Old Town provided.

Talk to me guys and gals, what would you do?

Go to…
http://www.mcmaster.com/ and key in these two part numbers for your preferred drive style; #91771A577 and #91781A577.

Either of these screws should fit your need.


And while you are at it
Page through all 3,664 pages of their current catalog. Tons of must-have stuff!


Holmes, you RULE!!!
Thanks, just ordered them. Thanks to eveyone else too. (Mike)


Yes I did Mike!
and check this out, I ordered them around 10am my time(PST)and got them around 3pm today. Must have been dropped shipped or something but they got here the same day!!! How???

I would suggest anyone needing hardware to use them. (pricy though) about $9.50 for five SS Machine flat head phillips 1/4" x 6" screws.

They are perfect and I am really happy I got them, Thanks Holmes again.

Now I can finish this project EXACTLLY how I want it.


The proud owner of a canoe put together by myself and modified to my exact needs.

Thanks for all your help, could not have done it without this site and all of you!!!

mcmaster carr
Last Fall I spent an entire afternoon driving around town trying to find the same thing. I got to my folks (where I was working on the boat) and told my father what I was looking for and he said “have you checked McMaster-Carr?” in 2 minutes I had ordered the exact thing I needed and and had it the next day.