OK Big Yak for fishing?

Does anybody here fish from a Big Yak? I saw some good reviews about the boat and wanted to hear more from an owner.

Didn’t know it existed til you posted…
so I looked it up.

Looks like it could be fun for piddlin and puddlin and it’s evidently designed to enjoy in the surf.

Looks OK for a catch-n-release fisherperson who’s also a minimalist with their gear.

My biggest concern with it would be the high seat. The higher you sit the more likely you’ll be to end up swimming when you didn’t plan to.

Next concern would be an apparent lack of storage space (I’m a pack-rat).

Article on choosing a fishing yak from guys I respect:


Hope this helps. Good luck!

Decent boat
but its going to be very slow.For rivers the OK Caper,Drifter,Scrambler,Scrambler-XT would be better especially when used on lakes and salt.It’s nice to have decent size hatchs for below deck storage which that one and the std Scrambler lack.

I’m assuming…
that price is a consideration because of the boat you’re looking at…

Search for ’ kayak fishing stuff '. kayakfishingstuff.com has a sale on the Emotion kayak SOT - $275 (plus shipping).

Might be worth considering.

I’m a big guy
I seem to be posting the same thing to everyone, so I am sorry if this is redundant, but I can not say enough about my kayak. It is like a battlesip made for kayak fishing. It is the Malibu X-Factor. I have tried the Drifter and the Prowler as well as some others, and found this to be the best Yak for me.

Interested in superyaks for fishing?
Check out:www.ftlauderdalefishingclub.org/superyaks2/ultimatesuperyaks.html/

Could probably make it work
I’ve not paddled a Big Yak, but have looked it over as one I’d like to use or even buy. I think it’d be a bit small to use as a primary fishing boat, but you could make it work in a pinch.

Any time on the river is a good time to paddle or to fish. Who cares if it’s ideal?

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I own a big yak
I purchased a OK big yak a few weeks ago. havent tried fishing from it yet, but I have used it in the river a few times. I imagine if you dont have far to go it could work well enough for fishing. the yak is very slow and you will get wetter from water splashing over the bow then from water coming through the scupper holes. the high seat is very effective at keeping out water and is very very stable. I wouldnt advise going against much of a current.