ok boatless boating

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was technically my first swim of the year


Great technique.
But it looked like you had a few butt bounces off rocks.

yep, “rump bumping” for sure

your form is impeccable

I remember …
I remember having to swim (not optional) lots of sections of 3 different rivers where there was fast current, and boulders above & under water.

Was getting certified & recertified as an Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Instructor.

Don’t remember it being any fun. I was always happy to stay in the boat; avoid cuts, bruises, and other varieties of suffering.

25 years later, my mind hasn’t changed. In the boat is good.


I recall many years ago
a friend and I were paddling down the Wisconsin River - A big sandy river with deep channels that meander all over the place. It was a warm summer day and we passed a group of paddlers hanging out on a sandbar. There was one guy who was walking down the island away from the group and we thought little of it. There’s a loner in every crowd. He was wearing a pfd and carrying a small dry bag.

We paddled perhaps another mile and took a lunch break ourselves. While we were eating, darned if the same guy didn’t come walking through the shallows on the sandbar in front of us. We waved and he waved back.

He waded past us until he came to a deep channel and off he went swimming downstream. That’s the last we saw of him.

We were on a stretch of river with about ten miles between access points.

Now that’s boatless boating if ever I saw it.

I guess there are a lot of ways to enjoy a river and he’d found a unique one. I’ve never seen anyone else doing that before or since. Looks like it might be a good way to spend a hot summer day, but I bet a guy would sleep very well after a day spent like that.

At least you guys have the decency to offer an explanation of some sort for your boatless boating…

In high school, long before any boat,
some friends and I decided to float about 10 miles of a slow moving blackwater river.

It was summer so we were outfitted with tennis shoes, bathing suits and horse collar PFD. It was a long time in the water.

The only excitement was when a power boat came by and we realized we were very difficult to see.