OK Drifter v. Big Game

Anyone have any comparison feedback on the OK Drifter v. the Big Game?

The Big Game is slightly wider but is a couple hundred bones more. Cost is a factor so I started looking at the Drifter.

I’m a big paddler 340#

Any feedback (other than going on a diet) is appreciated

go with the Big Game
The Drifter was my first boat ever and I really enjoyed it other than the molded in foot rests. However the tankwell will not accept a milkcrate and I had to get a little creative with storage.

The Big Game offers so many more features like two large hatches in the cockpit and a large tankwell that will hold a cooler. More specifically the tankwell will hold the Shimano Bristol Bay Live Well.

Both are on the slower side and do not have much glide. I would also look at the Ocean Kayak Trident 15. I use the Trident 13 and love it. It handles wind and waves very well but is also a good stand up boat.