Ok..I'm a believer in dry-suits now!

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I just went for a test swim in my new Kokatat Dura dry-suit. I snuck over to the community pool in the dark trying to avoid my "dorkness factor" (nobody saw me!). I was wearing my brand new Kokatat Dura dry-suit, with relief zipper and integrated socks (good call). I had warm hiking type socks on in the suit and the full fleece liner. I would guess that the water temperature was in the very low 40s, maybe even the upper 30s because it has been below freezing pretty much every night lately..the circulation of the water in the pool keeps it from freezing. So I eased into the water..and at first I thought I felt cold, but then I realized it was only my mind tricking me because logically I knew I HAD to be freezing! As soon as I accepted the fact that indeed I was toasty warm and floating great, I had an awesome time paddling around. Not a single leak and it was comfortable as can be. The neck gasket is probably just right as far as tightness goes. The wrists felt a bit too tight so I might stick a form in there to stretch them out just a hair. My hands, which had no protection, were numb within 5 minutes. I can see for sure that having neoprene gloves would be a wise decision...in addition to a hood of some sort.

Anyway..I was thrilled with the suit..it felt great! :) Thanks for all the suggestions and advice here on the forums...you guys were spot on. The integrated socks are a definite bonus I think, having warm and dry feet is really a plus. I wore some NRS booties to protect the socks.

Great stuff...


Dry suit…
On my “Paddling gear to buy” list before next winter!

Now I know who to ask for advice!! :slight_smile:


That’s great!
What a perfect way to test your new gear:) Now you’ll have to head out into that cold, but beautiful water for a paddle.

Have fun!

dry suit warmth
I’m up here in SE alaska and paddle year round and a dry suit makes all the difference when you go out in 20 and 30 degree air tempertures, much less the safety factor.

As Richard N always says
Live to learn!

Enjoy it. Keep safe. putting on a drysuit as an act of faith in your skills, (and your drysuit)

we told you it was going to be a good call, booties, relief zip and gore. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I swim pretty often in
my drysuit, but still never get over the weird feeling of feeling like I’m outdoors on a brisk spring day, when in fact I’m clambering over icebergs during a subzero storm. They really are great.

Clean the zipper and the gaskets after every use, and 303 the gaskets every 6 weeks, and it will last you a long time. Also, water test it frequently, as you just did, to make sure it hasn’t sprung a leak. A drysuit with a leak is much less protection than a wetsuit. I had one that leaked, and paid with a case of mild hypothermia last October.