ok me too...Tempest 165 vs Avocet RM

thoughts? characteristics? similarities?


Chatham 16?
I don’t know the Avocet RM, but my girlfriend was just buying and it came down to the Tempest 165 and Necky Chatham 16. We had the opportunity to place the two boats side by side, and they were very similar in looks and design, and felt very similar when paddled. She ended up getting the Chatham, but mostly because Neckys seem to be more popular (so available in more shops) than Wilderness Systems around here (NorCal).

go further
North, young man,say Arcata/Eureka. quite a few up there!


I think the Avocet may have a little less volume in front of the cockpit but when I tried one I found it similar to my T-165. You are kind of splitting hairs here. Buy the one that gives you the wider grin, or buy the less expensive one.

Spent a little time
in the Tempest and own an Avocet RM. Both very nice boats. Avocet is a more of a play boat and may have slightly less speed, although probably not really noticable. Both carve turns very well and are extremely easy to roll. In 2006, a new seat was put in the Avocet RM as well as adjustable thigh braces. I really dislike these “enhancements”. The new seat is too long and is quite uncomfortable as are the adjustable thigh braces. 2005 and older Avocets fit me like a pair of OJ’s gloves. Friend has a 2006 and he also finds my 2004 more comfortable. In fact, he may rip our the stock seat this winter and replace it with a carved foam seat. The Avocet has welded plastic bulkheads that just plain don’t leak. Also has Valley hatches and covers which are watertight. The are two pro’s for the Avocet over the Tempest. But personally, I am more comfortable in the 2006 Tempest than the 2006 Avocet. If I were you I’d test paddle both in varying conditions and make a list of pro’s and con’s. Maybe throw in a Necky Chatham to test as well. People seem to like it a lot, but I dislike the RM Chatham I paddled.


RM Avocet, Chatham 16, Tempest 165
All three are good boats.

Avocets are the most popular around here, but that may be the Brit phase and availability as much as anythng.

Which ever puts the biggest smile on your face is the best one to buy;-)

sorry guys.
I was kinda funnin because as is common when a couple of cold snaps set in, the comparisons and the opinions start flying as people put their boats up for the winter. Pretty soon the board will be flooded with drysuit and cold water safety as well as the well intentioned why paddling is so important to me threads.

fot the record. I am a Tempest dog. welded bulkheads notwithstanding, I will always love this boat and even more now that I had the chance to paddle the 165. Definitely my next boat. Might even sacrifice the Legend for one if I can’t sway my incredibly understanding beautiful wife (she may be reading this)who may or may not let me keep the Legend as well as the Tempest!, and the OI…and the skin on frame…and the scupper pros…and…



course I haven’t been in a chatham 16 yet…

I am such a boat slut.