Ok....narrowed it

Down further to an Eddyline Fathom or the Raven, as I was just able to tests both Fathoms this past Sunday. I have yet to try the Raven and I know it’s a long boat, but it’s only 4 inches more than the Fathom which doesn’t seem like a lot.

I can appreciate the difference in the two kayaks, but it seems the Raven can do more than the Fathom if you’re not in a big hurry to get from point A to B.

Though I do most often paddle calmer waters up to now, the appeal of what these boats offer is great! I want the ability to paddle all sorts of conditions and it seems my decision gets tougher and tougher the more I narrow it down! If read everything I can possibly read comparing these two kayaks, and there’s not much, though diehard fans of each have been a great source for me getting this far in my search, it’s tough to find folks that have a good bit of time in Both.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice that has gotten me to this point! Anyone have lots of paddling time in both kayaks??:grinning:

Very different boats
Yes about the same size and same materials and have s superficial similarity but these are two very different boats. I regularly paddle a Fathom. It is a great general purpose boat. Relatively little rocker go straight boat. Deep boat great for long legs and week long trips. A moderately fast boat that will keep you safe in pretty much any condition.

I have paddled a Raven several time and would buy one in a minute but it is just not a boat for someone 6’ 3" tall and 200 lbs. it is too small. It is highly rocketed. Slower but a whole lot of fun particularly in surf or choppy water. With the skeg down it tracks ok. Smaller volume for camping. One of the funnest boats I have ever paddled but maybe a bit more of a specialized boat than the Fathom.

Two great choice.


Both the Fathom and Raven
are well regarded sea kayaks.

There’s plenty of reviews on the Fathom, Fathom LV and Raven here at Pnet if you’ll look in the “reviews” tab. Some very honest comments written by experienced paddlers.

I’m curious which boat fit you best? The Fathom LV or the Fathom? Did you notice any performance difference between the two?

Your talking about the CD Raven? It’s a true sea kayak made for kids. My kids all paddled one till about 15, basically grew out of it then, as in couldn’t fit into it anymore. Tim

Eddyline Raven.

The Raven.

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Of course you have to fit in the boat and unless you are very large, or very small the Raven likely will fit you just fine. The Raven is 16'-9" long; that is not a long sea kayak. But the good thing is that the Raven is fast and I don't mean just fast for its size.

One can wax on about the performance attributes of the Raven compared the other two boats you have expressed interest in, but for me, all I have to do is look at the pictures--the side profile in particular. The Raven just looks right.

I know I've just about repeated what I said in your other thread--oh well.

Raven cockpit size
I very comfortably paddle a Tempest 170. I am 6’, 215, with a 32 inch inseam. I have only sat in a Raven. I considered before the Tempest came along. It a handsome boat, but I found the cockpit fit to be too tight for me.