Ok, need help choosing color for Ikkuma.

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I'm about to place an order for a new Seda Ikkuma and I'm stuck on color choice. My wife doesn't like Seda's trim fade option and wont weigh in. I kind of like the yellow with the red like the boat in Sea Kayaker magazine in April. It'll be a Kevlar boat so the hull will be clear yellow/Kevlar. What else do you like?


p.s. On a more important note how many feel a day hatch is important on a boat that will be used for day paddles, no extended cruising planned.

Day hatches are great…
…especially on day trips. Once you have one you won’t want to be without.

But is it necessary when you have …
a under deck bag like yours and the one you installed for “the bride” ?

She seems to be able to cram a bunch of stuff into that under deck bag.



Not necessary but nice…

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Last week I paddled with the owner of my old Bou and his wife. We all had underdeck bags and the three of us still had stuff to put in the Nordy's day hatch. We were out all day and doing a shuttle so we had a lot of little stuff that wouldn't fit in the bags.
BTW I paddled the Bou all day and after a year in the Nord found it so much different than I remembered it, not bad but super stable, still a great boat.

Our camping season starts next month so it won't be long 'till we see you snowbirds again.

Day Hatches are ‘essentail’ -IMHO

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Every sea kayak I've owned (starting with an Elaho DS) has had a day hatch. I would not own a sea kayak without one.

Especially convenient for the odds and ends you might want while paddling without cluttering your deck or cockpit.

Paddling.net border blue is my …
suggestion. Just tell Jim / John you want the Lilly, Light blue color, they will know what you mean. This color is very soothing, is cooler in the sun, hides scratches if that matters, does not fade, is light weight and looks great with the kevlar, even as it ‘ages’.

The day hatch in the the SEDAS is a cool set up and worth it.

Please say hello to those guys from onnopaddle.

I honestly had not even considered blue.

I’ll get the day hatch. I am not too sure about the color yet but I need to make my mind up as I am going to place the order shortly. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll say hello for you when I call later.



I just looked at the colors of the

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Ikkuma and you should get mango. Even if others tell you it is a matter of personal taste, they are wrong- get mango grasshopper.

P.S.- It looks like a great boat on the Seda website. I hope you enjoy it.

Day Hatch
I lived without one in my Squall and really wondered what all the fuss was about when I got the glass boat with it. I wouldn’t live without it now. Even skipping the ability it provides to stash an extra bit of food without having to fuss as much to keep it dry, it is hugely comfortable to know that you have at least one hatch area that you can get at in an emergency without having to compromise your cockpit opening or ask someone else to get into a front or rear bulkhead.

It also helps keep the front deck and underside of the cockpit less cluttered.

Dry hatch luxury
Like grayhawk said once you have them, you’ll be spoiled. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. You never know what your future holds in paddling. Personally I would have a kayak without a dry storage compartment. Beside that… they look neat.

as far as the color: I agree with you.