Ok new question, before asked here

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Can you do paint minicell foam?

The reason I ask is that I just acquired an Milbook ME, which I am quite fond of looking at (haven't really paddled it much yet), except that it has minicell saddles of the crazy black and white swirley variety.

I think canoes are one of the most beautiful forms in nature. Anything that visually draws the eye away from that beautiful shape is a distraction (that includes 300 cm paddles ;) and large, square manufacturer's emblems).

So, dumb as it sounds, has anyone ever painted or otherwise changed the color of minicell foam?

obviously a burka is in order. place the slits in the right places and ur google to go!

Best just get the boat out of your sight. Drop it off here and I’ll put her on the rack with all of the other cast off hulls.

I’m thinking about getting a Millbrook
ME to replace my MR Synergy. I got the Synergy because our Tripper was feeling heavy, and now the Synergy is feeling heavy. Might get a Millbrook Rival or Hooter instead, though.

I never liked the swirly minicell either, but paint may not stick well to it, even though the surface is roughened. Maybe Krylon Fusion if they have gray. If the saddles seem narrow, maybe you could contact-cement 1/4" gray minicell all over the exterior.

Sure you can do anything
what’s the matter? Does it clash with your hat?


know anywhere to get thin minicell?
I know I looked for it a couple years ago for something and never found any. I like your idea. Even if I just did the top and front, that may just do the trick.

Maybe neoprene glued on with contact cement?

Black might get hot in the summer though.

Maybe just some sort of fabric?


The seats in question.


But suggest some kind of nice pattern Yoga matt … tons of different ones out there now.

Contact cement over.

… oh, and I’m dying those straps too!

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... probably today!

Although, they would match the hat N.T. picked out for me. lol!

Cloth sounds good. It kind of goes without saying that I'm looking for economy here. Cloth would sure win out there.

Thanks Tommy

I used to get it at the NOC store.
You could also check with johrrsweet.com (now part of Maximum Whitewater Performance). Jennifer Hearn at Sweet may know where you can order thin minicell, even if they don’t carry it. Finally, there are a few specialty shops for boat outfitting that might have thin minicell.

I wouldn’t change the boat at all
just get some suspenders and a tie that matches the foam…



to each his own
But for me, I’ve got a little work to do. It will be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

epoxy paint?
I’d try epoxy paint on a scrap piece.

Well you have a job on your hands
unless you are going to just make slip over covers. No paint I know of will stand up to the compression of foam. Any glue even contact cement eventually dries and will turn to dust after being repeatedly exposed to water and extreme temperature changes especially over mini-cell that expands and contracts. I don’t think it looks bad or even matters what it looks like.

I have used Rustoleum
Grip and Guard spray rubber coating with good results. I have used it on mini cell and on the soles of 2mm neoprene socks. I applied about 10 coats and it is pretty durable.


Well did you paint it yet?

not yet

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I'd like to call Sweet like g2d suggested and at least ask about thin minicell. After that proves unavailable or too expensive, I'll keep considering and maybe testing some of the other good ideas posted.

Yesterday I stripped all the woodwork off and hung it up to dry real well before sanding and oiling it up. It was all in very good shape.

I may also buff the hull out today with some rubbing compound. Yesterday I washed the hull inside and out pretty well. I'll try to carefully take up the kneee pads. I'm going to get some dye for the "Mork" straps and do that today too.

I've got other house maintenance chores, so I'll sneak a little boat time in here and there.

I may use that Penetrol you suggested after it's all cleaned up. I have a can of it but have never made time to use it yet.

After it's all back together, I'll put it on the water and figure out the saddle and knee pad position for solo.

I really think I'm going to enjoy this boat. Thanks Tommy!

It’s such a nice day outside
… maybe I’ll use a three inch putty knife and spread a thin layer of modeling clay over the saddles and set them out in the sun. A nice clay color would look pretty good with the blue :wink:

I can’t wait
This should make a very good Lawyer joke. LOL

if I weren’t so damned apathetic …