Ok Now a gear question

Since I have the boat, well not yet, but ya know.

What do I need to paddle early spring, cold water?

I need suggestions on clothes, safety, all that good stuff. In case I go for a swim.

What should I put on my outfitting list for this new boat in addition to ?


Throw bag or rope

Dry bag-bags.


Personal pack

First Aid kit


Thanks Tony

Where are you paddling?
Florida, California, Maine?

What type of paddling? Ocean, lake, river,???

Can’t really answer until we know what you are doing.

Wow… You Need A Book Or Three…

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The topics you're asking about can each be a thread of its own. And, as Waterdoc pointed out, the suggestions are next to useless without knowing your location and the venue in which you intend to paddle.

Nevertheless, you can find a lot of good info here about clothes, safety concerns, etc. without having to buy the book (though you should, along with lessons):


Take your time, read and come back with more specific questions so every one can take a shot at it (and each other sometimes) in terms of suggestions.


PS. Right after I posted, the profile comes up for an "open boater..." If I had known, I wouldn't have bothered... JUST KIDDING! :)

spare paddle!

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and a knife. Remember, if you bring something with you that can tangle you up (ropes, etc.), you need to have something to untangle yourself. If not a knife, EMT shears work very well, fit nicely into the pfd knife slots, and are safer to have around.

join a club
The guy’s got a profile, people!

He’s in NJ, does lakes and rivers AND whitewater, in a canoe!

I’d say get in touch with a local club. You don’t want to do whitewater alone, never mind in spring, do you? Besides, it’s more fun to paddle with a few buddies. Setting up shuttle gets a lot easier, too.

You get more local specific helps LOCALLY.

Yes. He Put One Up Right
after I posted. Both Waterdoc and I didn’t have a clue originally.

We’ll let the open boaters handle this, if they ever find their way to this post, since it’s also listed as “unassigned” in terms of specific paddling area.


Welcome to PNET! Posting a profile is very helpful.

Sorry, but I haven’t ever been to your region, so I can’t offer much help…

Should we suggest
that he maybe get a “closed” boat? :wink: Just kidding.


hope this helps, if i read your question

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1. a spair paddle---and hopefully one you wont have to assemble when needed
2. a means of communication...when on the coast i carry a garmin fm radio and also a ham radio for when 'legally' standing on ground
3. also in my boat---at all times--are insect dope and sunscreen and a sun hat and gloves
4. signal mirror, flares and i'm still thinking about an air horn but the last one i carried rusted badly
5. monocular/binocular...can save a lot of effort when looking for a water marker, can often double as a crude macroscope, and of course good for wildlife
6. spare food/water/medicine and in my case of old age reading glasses
7. if a composite boat some simple means of repair, westcoat epoxy or whatever for your boat
8. maps of your area
9. paddle leash/bow line
10. sea anchor
11. 'quick shelter' and means to heat it....something like a cagoule, a 'seal-suit' or a tube tent, etc. and a candle lantern to heat this mini shelter
12. thermos bottle with something hot in it

hope this helps a little

Hi guys, Thanks, sorry I didn’t include the details but I figured you saw my other posts.

Yes NJ, lakes, rivers, class 1 and 2. I am joining a club, no I do not want to paddle alone.

Thanks for the info, have to make a shopping list


clothing is essential. depending time of year , it could mean wet or drysuit options. Especially if yer doing WW as yer gonna get wet. Don’t mind the ribbing from us , once ya get a beeter idea what yer doing you will laugh at all this.