Ok, now Wenonah wood deck plates

Are the deck plates glued to the hull in the same fashion as the inwales? I would like to replace one deckplate as it is a bit cracked and has some mildew. But I am not familiar at all with Wenonah’s construction processes and don’t know the best way to go about removing it. If it’s too much trouble I’ll just treat it and leave it. Any help or insight appreciated.

type of boat?
royalex or a composite? I really haven’t seen any deckplates on any of the wood trimmed Wenonahs I have come in contact with. The J boat I had just had wood Inwhales joining together at bow and stern. The other boats had aluminum rails with Plastic decks fore and aft, these were held on with pop rivets. Wenonah is known for many things, but elaborate trim is not one of them.

good luck

You could follow the West epoxy
instructions and, after cleaning the mildew, put a light glass coat on the top and bottom of the deck plate. But it will add a little weight.

I would not hesitate to take it out. You can saw and chisel it out by hand, or you may be able to get most of it out with a jigsaw, and then the rest with a chisel. Just go a little easy when you remove any glue line. And, you can always contact Wenonah.

thanks guys
Gar why’s Wenonah gotta glue lmao. Wenonah is new for me and while I definitely prefer wood on all my boats, this is my least favorite method of construction thus far.

I will probably clean it up as best I can with a touch of penetrating epoxy and leave it for a spring job. Maybe if I can find some good 18’ ash I’ll just redo the brightwork in a more traditional style.