OK Prowler / Percep. Search 13 ???

I am about to purchase a sit-on-top kayak…my first.

In a nut shell I am down to the following…

OK Prowler 13 Angler,Perception Search 13.Mainstream KINGFISH

I know there is a big difference in these but being a novice and probably limiting my use to flat water, small lake fishing/paddling…maybe scuba, I suspect the Kingfish is really all I need. Great price…just under $300 clearance.

But the OK Prowler 13 Angler and Perception Search 13 have caught my attention in that fishing is part of my plan. Both are also at a great price ($550)Clearance. Ideally if anyone has owned or experience with any of these I would welcome your input. I do not have the opportunity to test paddle. Thanks in advaced for any insights you care to share.



I’ve tried them both.
they both perform very well. I’d say the Search tracked alittle better but the Prowler was more loaded for fishing.

Style wise, I think the prowler 13 is the most beautifull SOT ever made. Its one of my favorite kayaks.

Thumbs up on the OK Prowler
and check out my red one. Other is my daughter in her Advanced Elements kayak on the American River.