OK repair kits

Earlier this year I took a class in San Diego about repairing a plastic kayak.

He also said that most companies are easy to deal with about getting the repair bits.

I went to their website and e-mailed for these as per isntruction on the web-site.

A couple months later, did it again.

Now, I am following OK instructions as listed on their website (find the ‘repair kit’ link) and they say to email with specs so they can send the right stuff.

So far, nothing. Not even an auto reply from the site.

Anyone else have this problem and how do you get the plastic to repair your boat?

Got mine quickly
But then that was about 10 months ago when I requested it from them. They sent it out to me almost immediately.


Find their phone number and call.
Webpages are notorious for not being monitored or not working for getting messages through to sales staff.

Are they now part of Johnson Outdoors … if so you may be out of luck.

Cobra Kayaks have really good customer service if you give them a call. I have been really impressed by their service when I have needed spare parts or repair items.

Unfortunately they use a different kind of plastic.

I used 2 gallon milk jugs to patch my loon, been good a year now

Milk jug repair
I once heard someone suggest this, but how exactly do you repair a crack in plastic with a plastic milk jug?

Do you melt the milk jug plastic to plug the crack?

here is some info on boat fixing

the strips he has are strips of a milk jug…

take your time!!!