OK replace factory alu thwart with yoke?

Hey folks, I got a 15 foot Scott canoe donated to our Scout troop. In great shape but we are thinking it would be nice to replace the factor metal bar thwart with a wooden yoke. Please see this video for 2 different ideas I had on that. Has anyone every done either, or maybe something else completely?


I have done it on three different canoes
Depending on the shape of the gunnel, you can either tuck it under and bolt it down from the top, or screw it in from the side.

Jack L

special bracket

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Hey so when we were in to the local paddle shop ( Trailhead / Paddle Shack in Ottawa ) the guy said they carry a special bracket for exactly this purpose - so you can attach the wooden yoke to the factory thwart without having to alter the canoe.

Except they are out of stock right now but should have them in a few weeks.

I'll do another video and follow up when we get it done.