OK Rrrapido Question

I’m considering purchasing a used Rrrapido, but the one I’m looking at - and every picture I’ve ever seen of one - doesn’t have a backband in place. Nor does it have any obvious means of attaching one, as the only eyelets near the seat are already used for the thigh straps.

I’d always thought that a backband was essential for comfort and power in a SOT - is there something unique about this boat, am I missing something on how you’d attach one, or is there some custom outfitting (drilling & rivets) I’d need to do?


Back Band Is Good
I think a back band is the principle way of connecting with the boat. I would add one.

I replace the seat connections on all my OK boats.

All it takes is a rivet gun, some eyelets, and a drill.

The Rapido is a really good boat for small or medidium sized boaters. Not enough boat there for a heavy guy…

Not essential in the surf
As long as there’s enough seat depth to get securely into the boat, the back band isn’t necessary for performance, and depending on what you’re doing it may get in the way. But if you want one for comfort, it’s easy enough to rivet in the attachment points (or have your shop do it).

Almost No Seat Depth on Rapido
The seat on the Rapido is very shallow.

No backbands on Waveskis
A Rapido is a waveski, not a sit on top kayak. The Rapido is a surfboard that you sit on. Most waveskiers ride bareback no kneestraps, no backband. Maybe they consider themselves surfers who sit, rather than paddlers who surf. Waveskiers paddle out to the surfzone, surf and paddle back. Nothing that needs a backstrap.

I surfed a Rapido in Hawaii last year and had a blast. I asked for kneestraps and was given them. I wanted them for control and rolling. I did not have a backband, I did not think it necessary, as it would have just gotten in the way.

Check out the Islander Kayaks Lipstick. It is the similar to a Rapido. You will see that the Lipstick and none of the waveskis have a backband. If you are looking for a sit on top with a backband, look at an Ocean Kayak ScupperPro. That is the quintessential sit on top kayak.