OK Scrambler XL

anyone have experience with a Scrambler XL. I bought one a few days ago and have had a bad time with the tracking. when I paddle in a current, with or against, the kayak constantly veers left. I even power stroke left and light stroke right but still go left. to go straight I have to almost exclusively paddle on the left side.

I have one…
The boat tracks ok, but not great… when I find I am veering consistently it usually has to do with an imbalance in my paddling (more power on one side than the other), and sometimes that comes from a poor hand placement on the paddle.

I guess my tip for you is… it’s probably not the boat.

has to be for me
Ill have to find a way to make it fit. have you tried to surf with it yet?

A couple of comments

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There is a possibility that the boat hull is warped if it has been stored in warm temperatures. Tip the boat upside down and make sure the hull looks symmetrical on the right and left sides when yu sight down the center of the hull.

It's probably you not the boat.
Make sure you are sitting level, holding the paddle so it is evenly spaced with your hands on the shaft. Have you paddled much before, you might want to look at guidlines here for some tips on forward stroke. Pay attention to how you are placing pressure on the foot wells, it should alternate with your paddle strokes.

try paddling on the right and correcting the veer with stern rudder, paddle with a high paddle angle, putting the paddle in the water close to your boat and just in front of your feet and pulling straight back not making sweep strokes on one side.

Are you leaning or weighting the boat on one side? Do you have thigh straps adjusted correctly? I'd work paddling around on small waves until you can paddle straight before you head out to try surfing.

some experience
this is the 5th kayak Ive purchased (caper, tarpon 100, yak board, big yak, now scrambler XL). I bought this XL brand new, removed the cloth “sock” myself. Ive had no such problem with the other kayaks. the keel on this XL appears to be tilted a little. Ive sent pics to ocean kayak and the rep advised me to take it back to the dealer. this tracking problem is only in the river, havent surfed it yet.

It could be the river
Sometimes what seems like a tracking problem is actually the river carrying you downstream.

Keel problem
I have heard of someone else buying an XL brand new and having a off-center keel. Take it back to the dealer and call the manufacturer. I am sure they will be happy to replace it quickly.

Check Your Seat/Backband
Barring a lopsided boat, or a strong current, my first guess would be you are not sitting in the boat straight. Check the straps on your seat to make sure they are both about the same lenght.

exchanged Scrambler XL
I exchanged the scrambler xl after the dealer had a look at it. new xl is great, I really like it.

for what it is…
which is an indestructible barge, I also like mine a lot.

I really fell in love with it in the waves once I got the thigh straps… what a difference contact with the boat makes.

bfritsche, XL or XT ?
do you the Scrambler XL or the Scrambler XT? if you have the XL, how does it surf ?

Might have misread this post…
I have the XT… which you probably already know loves to broach, so if you don’t get a quick rudder down and lean you get to go bongo…

Or re-mount and try again.