Ok Solo Northwind??

OK guys I put a deposit on the Northwind, great price with wood trim, will it work SOLO?? No great expeditions just a paddle here and there?

Thanks Tony

Sure !
If you rig it for rowing, you could trip anywhere with it because of it’s 16’6" volume and rocker. Keep the yoke in it for ease of transport and just stack a couple of pfd cushions for a seat which you sit on and then slide under the yoke. From this position, you lean over the yoke and do your rowing strokes on the other side. With such a low center of gravity and balanced gear loads fore and aft, nearly all waters could be handled easily

You Bet

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I paddle mine solo a good bit. It heals over nicely Canadian style and has that good Bell manuverability.

I use a fixed kneeling thwart and adjust for trim with gear typically, but a drop in seat or pedistal of some sort like Eric suggests makes a great deal of sense. I mostly use my Northwind on rivers or other areas fairly protected from wind. Because of its volume and depth, it takes decent skill to handle the boat on open water in a wind. I've gotten in front of the center thwart a time or two when paddling into a hard blow. If you have a load of gear of course it helps in a wind.

Have fun. I think you'll really like the boat.

Thanks guys, OK at least I don’t have to worry about that!