OK the Rotating Grip Yikes

OK call me prejudiced, that is pre judging something have not tried but give me a break they look rediculous

Maybe these are useful for the water, sweat, and dump breaks lately.

care to elaborate?
not sure what you are refering to.

I know of what he speaks
The accessory “D” handles advertized occasionally on this site. I guess they might be useful for certain conditions (arthritis?) but I cannot believe they would be safe to use in the “real” world.


hope did not sound to grouchy
Was not trying to be a jerk, if they have a real use so be it. I am genuinely into adaptive paddling and paddle-ability so if good for arthritus I need to apologize big time. I took a close look at them and asked my wife who has arthritis and she said they would not work for her. They just struck me as not the best idea. This won’t be the firsts time I had to eat my words.

I was attempting to be
less negative than my curmudgeonly self usually is!

My first response to seeing them was “worthless as t*ts on a boar!”


Ahhhhhhhhh. Feel better already.

I haven’t tried them, but doubt they…
…would be useful with my arthritic thumbs. When it gets painful, I just grip as if I had no thumbs (thumb next to index finger), and that works pretty well. I also whine, which doesn’t make me paddle better, but gives me emotional release.