OK.. Thermos Recommendations..

All this BCU talk has made me thirsty…

And made me remember how welcome it was when a bud pulled out a thermos of hot coffee (or was it tea) after a long bumpy paddle. I’m now wondering why I don’t carry one…

Any Recommendations??

The stainless steel, green painted one. Mine was made in 1977 and is going strong. It goes with me everywhere when the weather cools off.

transformers or g.i. joe
Those plastic thermoses that came with those childhood lunch boxes were the best. Any BCU coach would pass you at any level with flying colors if you served them Earl Grey from an Optimus Prime thermos.

wrapped one
I got one of those skinny ones that don’t hold enough heat or much liquid,maybe 14oz then wrapped it and the lid in 1/2" camp pad with duct tape. It actually holds the heat for a long time and idoesn’t make noise against fiberglass.

Thermos ® Nissan ™
Thermos Nissan is hands down the best. Keeps food and drink very hot for 12 hrs. Stanley green is so so. Very tough, but keeps drink hot for only a few hours, and less if near 32 F temps.

I have both. I liked the Stanley until I got a Nissan. No contest.

Ask this question on a coffee discussion group and you’ll get the answer, Nissan.

I have the Food and Beverage Bottle FDH1405P for it’s 48 oz size and it’s large mouth for soup and stew. It also has spout for coffee or tea.




Reminds me of a joke.
I heard it as a Polish joke. I tell it as an average white guy with a full head of hair joke. Henceforth known as AWGWFHH.

Anyway, two scientists are talking. AWGWFHH scientist says, “hey, what do you think is the most amazing invention ever?” Other scientist says, “the bicycle,” and goes on to describe all the merits of the bicycle; inexpensive transportation, efficient, etc. AWGWFHH says, “I can top that. The thermos is the most amazing invention ever. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold and it knows the difference!”


definitely a Nissan… any style you like the size of. Mine keeps hot tea/coffee hot longer than any other I have used, does NOT leak in my briefcase/canoe/car/daypack, and is tough as nails. I love my hot tea after a paddle or during early morning fishing.

The right Thermos

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I'll have to agree here. After 30 years w/a green Stanley, my kids bought me a Thermos Nissan for "hot tea in the canoe." The new one really does keep things hotter longer. We've since received an even smaller one (same style, just about 1/2 the size) and it does equally well. Twelve hours seems to be no challenge. Darned good product.

Addendum: I just looked at both of them and each specified that they were made using "TherMax" insulation. Those are the ones I'd look for.

Option for South Florida
Considering the “unique” weather conditions we deal with in South Florida, can I substitute the thermos with a bar shaker?

Nissan again
I put boiling water in mine one night while winter camping. The water was still hot the next morning, after a long night with temps in the high teens (Fahrenheit).

Nother option in Florida

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Good point on the ice shaker.

For hot drinks, maybe a tin container, painted black, on the deck. Seems like thermal insulation would be going in the wrong direction. One could be harnessing the thermal conductivity and solar radiation ;-).

Edit: Um, probably violates BCU rules, and common sense, about clean deck. A thermos may also specifically be mentioned for storing the tea.


Nissan, but needs a cover
I have a 1/2 liter Nissan which works great, but what it needs is a lanyard so I don’t have to worry about dropping a $30 thermos of coffee overboard. Haven’t I seen a zippered foam ‘sock’ for these things? You could attach a lanyard to the zipper pull - anybody seen one of these?

Neoprene wine bottle jackets
That may be what you are thinking of. I don’t know if they float but they would help insulate more, and you could attach a lanyard.

That’s it…
We had a promotional one for a brand of Champagne and foolishly left it at a party somewhere in years gone by…

That neo wine bottle cozy gave me an idea. My little half litre Nissan fits perfectly inside one of my Hydroskin G2 socks, size XL, with enough fabric left over to add a drawstring lanyard! I hate those damn clammy socks - looks like I’ll finally get some use out of them instead of them sitting in the bottom of my gear bag.

Actually, I hate the way Nalgene bottles clang around on the deck too - I just checked - both the half litre and 1 litre with Gription fit into a Hydroskin sock - so I can use both of 'em.

Neo Cover for Nissan
My Nissan came with a camo neoprene cover. It has a zipper to access the cup/top of thermos and a strap/lanyard. It’s several years old, but you might check to see if it is still offered.


you could wrap it with 1/8-1/4" minicell,the stuff works great to keep the heat/cold even longer.