Ok to Leave Kayak Top Up?

I keep my kayak on a wood platform down next to the lake. I currently store it upside down supported by two plastic outdoor end tables. I heard it’s better to store them upside down so I do! I added a cockpit cover when hornets decided the cockpit is a great place to build a nest. However, I am usually kayaking alone and it’s quite a chore to turn the kayak over. I guess I’m glad my kayak tends to automatically right itself but the process eliminates all the zen I achieved out on the lake! If I have a cockpit cover, is it ok to leave it right side up? I have a 10" Pelican Mustang 100x if that matters. Thank you, experts, for helping out a newbie!

Unless the cover is drum tight , a good rain would probably fill it and drop it in the boat.
How about putting a tarp over it? Water will still collect but can be easily dumped.

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You’ll be fine either way. You can place something in the kayak like a beach ball or an upside down bucket to help hold the cockpit cover up when it rains. I’d be more concerned about UV degradation of the plastic due to sunlight if your platform isn’t in the shade.


Good advice about preventing cockpit cover cave-in from puddled rain, and about UV protection.

Storing the kayak either up or down is fine, but if you choose right side up, pad the support bars so that the hull doesn’t get dented.

I got stuck on the part about a 10-foot, 38-pound kayak being difficult to turn over. It sounds like you’d be better resting the kayak on low stands that support the boat on straps. With a stand like that, rotating the kayak is pretty trivial, and the straps are easier on the hull than a table top.

Suspenz makes some, or you could use two low camp stools, or just make something simple out of scrap lumber and nylon straps.

Using a cover is a good idea, but will trap some water inside, a potential mold issue. Some use mesh to cover the cockpit which allows evaporation, and store deck down.

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That’s an idea I hadn’t thought of. Figured the cover would do the trick but you might be right.

I love the beach ball or bucket idea. That will make a big difference, I think. As for UV, I’m in Northern Illinois. It’s not that sunny here & our season is pretty short.

What are the support bars?

It might be easy for you to flip a 38-pound kayak but, for me, it’s a struggle to manage on my own.

Even in N Illinois, a summer of UV can reek havoc on plastic. Waste a $10 tarp vs a few hundred for the boat.

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Short or tall it takes 20 minutes to make two stands for my kayaks. Roll it right over top or bottom to wash, wax, or work on. Tarp on top few bungee’s.

Thanks PaddleDog, the short stands are what I had in mind, but don’t have a picture. That’s a nice design by the way, and could easily be attached to the wood platform mentioned.

For the OP, I didn’t mean you should be able to flip it easily, I was trying to say that this kind of stand will make it easy. I didn’t say it well though, sorry about that.

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Buy webbing on eBay by the foot.