OK Trident 15 v. WS Tarpon 16

I have narrowed my kayak selection to the Ocean Kayak Trident 15 and Wilderness Tarpon 16.

I am looking for a SOT that is fast and can carry a weeks camping gear. Fishing features are a secondary concern, but I don’t know of any other, non-angler modeled SOT kayaks that are around 16 feet long.

Feature Comparisons:

The Tarpon is 4 inches longer but 16 pounds heavier; Is a heavier boat a stronger built kayak?

The Trident’s weight capacity is 500-550lbs, but the Tarpons’s capacity is 375lbs; With similar sizes, why is the capacity so different?

Your input would be appreciated.

What are the widths? The Trident has
to get that capacity from somewhere. Did you do a speed comparison?

How dry do you need your hatches?
Wilderness systems changed their hatches years ago to hinged hatches that leak really bad. They are no longer ocean ready boats as they were in the past.

I few people have had to cancel their trips early because of there Tarpon filling with water. I asked at several dealers about this and they say no one should be going out in conditions that would cause water to go over the hatches in these Tarpons.

If that is the case then the Tarpons are no better than a canoe with a 10 inch freeboard.

Luckliy Confluence also owns Perception that make Tarpon like sit on tops with the old style hatches. Their closest Model to the Tarpon is the Perception Search 15.

I cannot tell you much about the Ocean Kayak Trident, but I hear few complaints about them.

The smaller Tarpons
live on as the Pescador 10 and 12 by Perception Sport. I believe the Pescador 13 is the same as the Perception Search 13, which is otherwise discontinued. Sadly I don`t believe that there are equivalents (with water tight hatches)available for the old-style Tarpon 140 and 160 or Search 15.

I picked up an OK Trident 13…
this past August. It’s an angler version and I found it on CL. The boat was 2 years old and the owner unfortunately had health problems the month after he bought it. I got it for $400 which is less than 1/2 what he paid for it and he had only used it 5 times. Now I have some pretty good yaks (VAlleys) but I was looking for something to supplement my Scupper Pro TW as it gets really hot in the summers on Lake Erie… I love this boat! No doubt it’s a barge compared to some of my other boats, but for just getting out and enjoying one’s self, it is hard to beat… It is heavy and that’s my only complaint. I don’t think one can go wrong buying one of these…

My Tarpon 140 had the new hatches
and I took several waves over the bow with nary a leak.