OK two beginners looking at used gear

My girlfriend [5’5" - 120] and I [6’ - 245 33/34" inseam] are looking to get some used kayaks and definitely want to own as rentals are not cheap. Intention is for partial and all day paddling (maybe an overnight but rare) in creeks, rivers & lakes in protected waters. I would be more interested in doing more camping than she will (sh*t in the woods is a deal breaker for her - lol).

I found a LL Tryon in very good condition (still has cushion insert) also includes a BB whisper paddle and PFD - all for $300

I was thinking the Tryon would be best for her, but my concern is some claim it is tippy - any thoughts? I know all watercraft can have unexpected moments, but she is more timid and want to keep the surprises to minimum until she gains more confidence (we are going to be taking lessons).

If the Tryon doesn’t work for her will it fit me? If I will use it for overnights my gear is minimal as I do mostly lightweight hiking/backpacking using #20 to #30 bag and prefer hammocks to tents?

Thanks in advance!

Lessons and purchase
All I could find was photos of the Tryon, seems to be an older boat. But from what I could see that way, if that boat is too tippy for your GF I am not sure there is anything out there for her. It appears the seat is on the high side in some of them, but other than that it is LL’s version of a rec boat.

But you said you intend to take lessons. I suggest you contact the place/people that you would be taking lessons from first, see if they know of boats around or have some demos they would recommend. They may know of used boats that are apt for your plans and would be good boats for learning to paddle. There are limitations to what you can accomplish on the latter score in a rec boat.

If GF is set up in the boat with
a bit of added foam so she isn’t rattling loose, the boat shouldn’t seem tippy. Often the hull isn’t the problem at all, rather it is the interface with the operator.

I predict that she’d quickly become confident and might not tip unexpectedly for her first several dozen hours in the boat. Then, when she’s least expecting it, swoop! She’s over. That’s how it was for me, in canoes, kayaks, and a competition rowing scull.

I wanted to add that the Broad River
Outpost near Athens, GA, puts total newbies into cheap SINK kayaks with no sprayskirts and very little added flotation. Then the same newbies go down, unguided, on a class 1-2+ river that is no trivial joke. It nearly killed me once, with a leg entrapment.

Now, you might think newbies on SINKs on such a river is a recipe for disaster, and being I control freak, I don’t much respect it.

But those fat, cheap, plastic kayaks are “smart” and get nearly every newbie down the river without incident. They’d be much worse off in “real” ww kayaks, or canoes.

So once your gf is over the tippy feeling, she’ll be gone into the horizon.

What was it you were going to buy? Does it carry beer?


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OK - well we got the LL Tryon then ended up selling it today because I found two 2011 Perception Carolina 12 Kayaks in excellent condition for $800 total (400 ea. with paddles)

So now we have 2 Carolina clean (they even have the barcode sale stickers on both hulls)! We are so excited can't wait to hit the water. But going to do lessons first so we don't do something stupid like drown.

No cup [beer] holders but I am going to take a nalgene bottle and put some of the 3M extreme snap lock fastener stuff (kind of like velcro but both pieces are hook & loop and snap together). The adhesive is water proof (but removable) and UV resistant.