Ok....what are these kayaks worth ...

So I asked my neighbor who has two Walden kayaks if he wanted to sell. The first one is a Walden Passage and the other is a Walden Spirit - both have been stored outside in the conditions for the last 5-6 years, partial sun, but in Wisconsin we have some rough winters. Numerous scratches etc… but structurally both solid. I have a nice pic of both if someone feels they could answer better if they see that - let me know and I will shoot you an email. I would put both kayaks at about 12-15 year old range. Any idea on what would be a fair price for the two?

1/3-1/2 retail price they were purchased

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15 year old plastic boats from a defunct manufacturer, sitting in the sun for years - $100-150 for the pair of them, and that's only IF you can fill them with water and make sure that they have no cracks/leaks.

If they have cracks, they're worth nada.

Walden pricing

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Kayak Academy is selling a used Walden Passage with skeg and hatches for $650 at the moment. They tend to have slightly high prices for their retired fleet stuff but then they take exceptional care of it.


The Spirit tandem was $845 new and I saw one for sale on Craigslist Seattle last month for $350.

If they are really boats you want and all the accessories are intact (especially those sliding seats in the Spirit -- you can't get parts for these anymore), I'd start with an offer of $600 for both and negotiate from there. Here in Western PA I'll usually pay between $300 and $400 for an older well worn but servicable touring kayak with hatches that would have been about $1000 new in today's dollars.

I would add that you should test paddle them first. I have never used one but I have heard the Walden boats are both heavy and rather clunky in the water.

Sound like Thoreau aways to me.

I bought a Walden Passage
A few years ago I bought one for about $350 that was pretty hogged out. I had to leave in in the hot sun for two weeks to get the dent out of the bottom. The plastic had faded a little I think but was very strong.

Around here boats like that go for $200 to $350 all the time. Mine came with a paddle that I later gave away.


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I told him I could offer up 400 tops and he took it. Both kayaks and a trailer which is in need of some tlc for sure, but it has tail lights and the axel appears to be solid with newer tires, didn't notice any dry rott. Got one paddle and a pump as well.