OK Which kayak is best for fishing?

OK I have decided not to get a tandem because I have looked at some solo models and they look big enough to carry my dog and wife (total of 116 pounds) along with me for evening sight seeing in canals near house while leaving me with plenty of room and options for solo fishing expeditions.

Here are the kaaks I liek the best:

Ocean Kayak Prowler any size model

Wilderness systems tarpon series

cobra navigator

walden cuda

Malibu Pro explorer

Any comments on these would be great. I read all reviews, and they all seem to have good feedback.

I can’t decide!!!

If you are…
determined to bring your wife and dog, get a tandem. The Malibu II would be OK for where you are paddling.

If you are paddling solo most of the time, and have the wife and dog for, oh, about 500 yards or less, and don’t mind swimming occasionally, get a Pro Explorer.

Prowlers, Tarpons, Cudas, etc. are all one man kayaks for a reason.

Have you considered a canoe? Wife, dog, fishing gear, canals, mangroves, ice chest, chairs, maybe standing…it’s all good in the right canoe.

Walden’s out of the kayak making
business at the moment. They liquidated and the guy that now has the name plans on building kayaks again from what I’ve read on the web. Check weight capacities before you think about putting wife, dog, etc in with you on a sit-on top. Most, unless you go with the bigger kayaks seem to top out at around 300-325 lbs…that includes your weight, the boat’s weight, paddle, etc. The Malibu Two still comes in as a good choice if you much have a kayak, but the canoe will have a bunch more carrying capacity and be more comfortable for your wife and dog.

malibu info
on a malibu extreme you can get a gator front hatch cover that has a small seat in it. that would get the wife on it with you as far as the dog maybe in the back tankwell section if you dont tote alot of gear with you.

Paddle SOLO sleep tandem!! Get Two T-160s or Two T-140s for short range fishing trips…

All have good pedigrees
Go with whichever one has the most comfortable sitting position for you and which provides the best options for outfitting according to your needs.

If you can’t decide that way, get the one you think is best looking. You can’t go wrong picking from that list.

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There’s a new kid on the block.
The Hurricane Phoenix 14 is making waves, it seems. Check out the latest thread on texaskayakfisherman.com. According to one reviewer, who primarily paddles and fishes from a wood sea kayak, it glides and paddles almost as well as his 20 ft kayak. Dry ride too. Its priced competively with the Tarpon and Prowler and is made of a slick plastic called Trylon. Supposedly, the plastic is treated for UV protection.

Bought one!
OK, I ordered a kayak from Kayak Fishing Stuff.com. I hope they are reliable. I could not find any bad reviews about their store. I bought a heritage maquesa decked out like a redfish (2 flush mounts) with a paddle, paddle keeper, anchor, cart, leash, and eerything installed and shipped for under 800 bucks. I fgiured that is not a bad deal The credit card transaction is not through yet, so if you have any comments about this store please let me know…

is the best when it comes to fishing and kayaks. I purchased my Prowler 15 from them and you didn’t see any negative reviews on them for a reason.

What did you do about the wife and dog?

Ditto on KFS
I bought my T-140 from them and have dealt with them on other items.

I’m very pleased with them.

ROCKS!You cant beat them for customer service.

It should
be here Monday. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the info. I feel better about my purchase now. As far as the wife and dog goes, it seems the dog can come and the wife has to stay and wait to use the kayak 'til I am done :slight_smile:

which boat?

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Which boat did you order?

You need to tell us so people can tell you why you should have ordered a different one! ;o)

Yak-a-lou, he said it was a Marqeusa
made by Heritage, I believe. Don’t see them much on the Texas Gulf Coast, but seem to be more popular back East. Maybe its the lack of dealers as I’ve read a few good things about the kayak.

heritage Marquesa

Seems nice so far.



I failed to pay attention to detail. Missed it.

Congrats and get jiggy with it!