okay, it's only stupid if you don't pull it off

left the rec boat at home…

Okay, yesterday felt pretty sweet. Exactly three months ago I got the right hip replaced, a couple months before that I had the left hip replaced. I started with some I and II streams and worked up to a continuous class III stream. I walked the IV. I was definitely the weak link in the group but a very rewarding day for me personally. Now I just gotta work on flexibility, stamina and gettin’ a roll. Agility on dry land is still an issue. I’ve been boatin’ without a roll for the past few years. I’m the fat guy in the blue boat (with patches of yellow and pink), orange paddling jacket, blue pfd and helmet. At least the walker and cane are history. Good to be back with a little help from my friends.

Link to a message board that has pictures

Link to trip report

Nice video, your cameraman is good. Looks like fun.

My walker , at times, and my cane will always be with me, but I can still paddle!

amen, just keep doin’ as much as you can for as long as you can!