Okeefenokee , Folkston Side, 2-1-18

Paddled out of the Okefenokee Canal on the Folkston GA side of the swamp today. Saw about 7 gators, some birds, turtles and heard the sand hill cranes. It was 45 when we started and low 60s later in the afternoon. It started clouding up around three. Note the rangers were out patrolling in the larger canals.

Nice photos; I take it the landscape is in “winter” mode?

You probably could have used some of this in your apres-paddle glasses:

There was some frost in the ditches, along the road, left over from the night before. One of the reasons for a 9:30 start is to let it warm up some . It is also why you see more Gators and turtles after 12 noon than before.

PS…we use that stuff in your picture in our tea glass at the diner afterwards.

I paddled that section last March. I am thinking about doing from Kingfisher to GA SFSP this spring. The shuttle takes a good bit of driving. I have a friend that lives near Jacksonville that I paddle with down that way. I paddled Cedar Creek in Congaree National Park last Friday. Might have to post a few photos and report on conditions.

If you go in the summer check on fire status before you go. If the fire is in the swamp area you plan to paddle through, don’t go. If the fire is in the area of your shuttle, don’t go. You might be disappointed but either one of those will likely result is more disappointment. The rangers may show up in boats, in the middle of nowhere, and turn you around back to your start. Its just not worth the hassle. March should be good though.

I haven’t paddled it or the Everglades in summer. Growing up in FL it was the springs and spring runs in summer, or the beach.