Okefenokee or nearer Augusta, GA

I will be in Augusta, Georgia, in late February or early March, and I am considering a canoe trip of a few days in the Okefenokee Swamp. Any recommendations for routes, dealing with alligators, or anything else? I’ve been there only once, on a day trip.

If there are nice multiday trips available nearer to Augusta, please tell me about them.

– Mark

Augusta GA
My wife and I like the Stephan Foster State Park entrance. The canoeing is great. Nice gators, beautiful cypress and stunning reflections. We go in April


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have you gotten your reservations yet? the okefenokee swamp national wildlife refuge strictly limits overnight stays. the slots fill up quickly. reservations may be made up to 2 months in advance. if you've not gotten reservations yet better call before you plan on the okefenokee. the suwannee river, arising within the okefenokee and flowing southwest, is a great paddling destination with good camping opportunities for sandbar camping (no reservations required). several outfitters offer shuttle and outfitting services. i went for a week trip a couple of years ago during spring break in april and hardly saw another soul. good luck on your trip. if you can get reservations for an overnight trip on the "red" trail within okefenokee natl. wildlife refuge you'll see the heart of the swamp. -harry

ogeechee river
You refer to “I” not we in your post. The Okeefenokee NWR does not give permits to solo overnight paddlers. This has always pissed me off.

I would look into a 3 or four day trip on the Ogeechee River. Beautiful. If the water level is right, there are spacious sandbars on which to camp.

Not so far a drive. A little SW of Augusta. River is navigable from Louisville downstream, although the upper stretches can be tricky with downed trees.

I have done a 4 day, 3 night run from Millen to Oliver. Also many day trips going upstream and drifting back. Midville is another good starting point.

You have to find a shuttle. There is a canoe outfitter in Augusta and one farther downstreamon the Ogeechee, if they are still in business.

downstream near Savannah

Ogeechee Outpost

182 Rose Dr. Ellabelle, Georgia 31308

Tel: (12-748-6716

FAX: 912-748-2762

Internet: ccanoes@hotmail.com

another resource

No solo camping?
I have gone solo camping numerous times, usually over night to Bluff Lake from the Kingfisher Landing but I have gone solo on the 5 day/4 night trail also. When I asked them if there was a limit on how many could go they said 1 to 20 people per night per platform.

ahh good news
I haven’t checked on this for a decade or so. It is good they have changed their policy! I’m going to start planning a trip!