Okefenokee Swamp anyone?

Anyone interested in getting together and go camping in the Okefenokee Swamp around the end of February?

I am also going on a 5 day/4 night trip starting on January 24 if anyone would like to go sooner. Leaving Kingfisher Landing, first night Maul Hammock, second night Big Water, third night Floyd’s Island and fourth night is on Round Top.


Hey Ken,
I’d like to know more. It’s been awhile since I’ve been up there.

How many days for the February trip? What time frame?

I doubt my wife would join in on this one, but I’d like to get out if I can swing it. Shoot me an e-mail if you would.




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but we are waiting on delivery of a travel trailer any day now before we set off for Florida,

We have to wait for Florida to dry out anyway. Yes we are bringing a trailer for shakedown and then spending 10 days in the Everglades backcountry( in a tent) and more time elsewhere maybe Okefenokee.

Maybe by then Flamingo will dry out. Its supposed to be the dry season but the Flamingo campground looks like a good place for an ark now.

HI Ken
I might be able to do the Feb. trip, but have already made tentative plans with a friend to paddle else where. So I will have to wait and see.

After my first trip with you in the big swamp I went back and did 3 days a month latter. Thanks for the introduction!

Hi Ken . Good to hear you are still
at it. Still using the Voyager?

I use it a lot.
Love paddling it on calm days with the ZRE paddle but when the wind picks up I switch to a double blade.

I told you that. How about when fully

How about Aucilla, Withlacoochee etc?
Hello there! I am coming down to paddle some rivers around the north Florida area from Feb 22-28. I am planning on running segments of the Aucilla, Wacissa, Econfina (maybe), the Withlacoochee and maybe throw in some swamp stuff. I would really look forward to meeting some others. I am hoping Castoff and String and anyone else can come as well as yourself or others. I like paddling a variety of waters and will be van-camping for all but one night near the middle of the week where a hotel MUST HAPPEN!

I might be interested.
I wouldn’t be able to leave home until noon on the 24th and be back on the 28th. Ever been down paddling in the Ocala National Forest?

No he hasn’t!
Hi Ken I paddle with Yatipope fairly often, and have been telling him to paddle Juniper springs Run for sometime now. I may also be down that way too.

Castoff has invited half of SC.
And we might be there. We’ll leave our gators at home since you have your own.

padding and camping on the Okefenokee

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Hi ken are we going to see you this year? Jack at Swmps Edge

Ken, did you ever make either of these trips? How did they go? I’m contemplating doing this, but not looking forward to the heat/bugs (that you likely didn’t suffer in Jan/Feb…)

The trips went well and look forward to more. Like anything else heat and bugs aren’t too bad if you are prepared for it. Looking for company?

Now is the time. Its 80ish in the day time 60ish at night. A week or two will be hot. Although Okenofokee bugs are the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Now is the time to start thinking about paddling the Okefenokee in a couple of months.

Been thinking about it a lot lately. Anyone up for an overnighter to Bluff Lake?

Anyone interested in paddling in the Lake Placid area this winter, between the Everglades and Ocala? Fisheating creek?

@Barbara H said:
Anyone interested in paddling in the Lake Placid area this winter, between the Everglades and Ocala? Fisheating creek?

Yep.Staying at Fisheating Creek Outpost Mar 1-4

JackL we plan to be in Everglades City Feb 24 and paddle out of there to Jewell and then Camp Lulu and Whitehorse. So while the same park…you know how big it is…