Okinawa kayaking

I’ll be moving to Okinawa, Japan next month and I’m gathering as much info as I can on paddling in the area. I’ve heard that there are rivers on the main island, but I haven’t found much about class strength or anything.

I’m bringing an Innova Safari and hope it will be versatile enough to handle some sea kayaking (the reefs should keep the chop down).

Any suggestions, advice, experiences, good Web sites out there? Since I’ll have a duckie with me, I’ll probably do some traveling around the region as well.

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Okinawa paddling

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No real rivers, just a slow moving river on the NW coast that is a resevoir for leptospirosis. Email me and I can give you some phone #s and places to go. Got some pics here
Basically, the whole province is a paddler's paradise. The reefs are generally in deep water. I spent almost 6 years there. During the last 2.5, I really got to explore the Islands. You may want to get something more efficient than a ducky....lots to explore.
A couple of links

You need a sea kayak
Okinawa is all about the salt water. There isn’t a river worth a hoot. But the ocean, oh man you are going to love the ocean paddling there. Lots of islands to explore, absolutely fabulous place. The people used to be friendly, too, but that might have changed with the recent problems with American service men. I loved it there in the early 1970s when I was in the Navy.

Another thing that you might like is the bicycling, which was challenging but rewarding. Lots of hills.