Okkiefenokie swamp in Georgia

Hello! I’m taking a one week trip to the swamp in january and want to know if anyone out there has done it, and has any advice or tips. I was wondering about the portable toilet thing and the mechanics that go along with that. thank you.


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contact the okefenokee national wildlife refuge and request a trip planner. lots of good info. be aware that advance reservations are required and that few are available for any given date. it's a great trip, but you need to plan ahead and need a smidgen of luck. as for the portable pot...we carried a lidded 5 gallon bucket lined with 2 garbage can liners and filled with about 3 inches of cat box litter. worked fine.

There are several portable toilets
available. Are you in canoe or kayak…for space limitations.

The mechanics vary from mfr to mfr.


Hope you have your reservations made


I can’t get the reservations for another month, but i’m taking off the morning from work to call! I have done alot of extended canoe trips and am a veteran long distance hiker so I’ve got a grasp on gear and planning for the most part ( I hope). Have you done the swamp? I’ve ordered books from amazon but there not as valuable as first hand experience. thanks for your advice I hope I didn’t come off as haughty.

I’ll be in a tank of a canoe, old town discovery. I’ll be sharing it with another person. I’m going to treat my personal gear like im ulra light backpacking. except for the water and one bottle of sippin whiskey. The bucket sounds like a good idea cheap and simple.

i’ve made a couple of trips in the refuge. the red route is my favorite. good luck getting a reservation. very few places to get out of the boat other than the platforms, lots of wildlife, and some great night sky viewing. you don’t have to skimp on equipment and comfort. there is only one place that i’m aware of that you have to portage and it isn’t that long (floyd’s island .3 miles). racoons can be persistent, so keep your food in a hard sided container. good luck with your trip.