Hey Paddlers

Does anyone onboard know if OK requires canoes to have registration?



Noticed our friends Paddle_Lupe and her sister have sticker and letters on their yaks. I’m CERTAIN it’s not for looks! WW

How bout Arkansas?
Was curious if anyone knew if Arkansas required registration. I have been wondering since we bought our canoe…Can I safely assume the dealer would have mentioned it? Any info?

Does Florida require registration ?

Nope - not for looks!
Man those registration numbers take up a lot of space!

Unfortunately, yes it’s true you have to register just about anything that goes on the water here in Oklahoma. Take your boat with you to the DMV, because they have to verify the VIN on your boat themselves.

We made our own letters from blank vinyl adhesive sheets in a (futile) attempt at a more attractive option over the standard letters you can buy at Wal-Mart or marine stores. Probably not worth the effort unless you’re kooky like me!

thanks Paddle Lupe
I was impressed with Lake Murray when I went down to OK last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my canoe along. Next time I want to get out on the water.

Thanks for the OK information.


WAIT! Does not apply to visitors!
If you are just visiting the state then you do not need to have your boat registered, and in fact there is a 6 month grace period from moving to the state or purchase of a boat before you have to register.

If anyone wants to come visits our waters (and, yes, we actually do have quite a lot of water here in the “dust bowl”!), you do NOT have to register your boat.

The registration applies to permanent residents only. So never fear!


Thanks a lot!

This was my first trip there and I’m very impressed with Oklahoma.


Arkansas Registration
According to the dealer I recently purchased a kayak from and a number of my colleagues, Arkansas does NOT require canoes or kayaks to be registered.