Ol' canoos be a'mighty purty

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

1936 Old Town 17' OTCA. Almost done wit de restore. Finally gonna git it in de water come September. Anybody else gots a woodie? (canoo dat is)


Fat Elmo


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Hey Pilgrim:

Nice job! Only one thwart with thar that 17 footer??

I'm nearly done with Pa's '43 Guide. Funny thing about rehabing for relatives - the deadline keeps slipping. Last night I went to put the reproduction decal on - you think I could find that blasted decal!!!??? I searched high and low. Sorry, still venting.

Otherwise, I've got 10 wood and canvas canoes in various states of repair. What can I say, I'm a very sick man.

Actually, I think 5 are restored now, and I paddle them all the time. Shhh, nothing paddles better, but don't tell anyone, 'cause there will be a rush on 'em as soon as folks are tired of getting a wet butt in rotomolded kayaks.

Wha Ho, WCCanoe;

Nope thaar be two more thwarts but ah’ temporarly took dem out (waan ah’ took dis tintype - they aar back in now) fer refinishin’ an’ it waar easyer ta work on wit out dem. Jumpin’ joehosifer, ye gots all dem woodies. Lucky youz. Me first canoo waar a leaky 1928 OT 16’ Guide. Some lowdown, no good varmint stole it out o’ me backyard one night thirty years ago.

Oh well, ah’s still lookin’ fer a Chestnut Fort my’self.

Fat Elmo

2 octas
Have a 1936 old town HW model with sponsons and a brass tag stamped "R H Macy Inc. NY, NY’. Copy of the original order form shows it was ordered by Macy’s and shipped Jan of 1937. Originally green. Solid boat, original canvas. Sponsons are a wonder of construction and still have their canvas, a squirrel chewed up several good ribs before I got the boat. New gunnels and ribs not yet installed. Also have a closed gunnel, woven seat old town, circa 1912, I used for years after glassing the hull. Pulled the glass off, sits on the rafters for now. Unfortunately I replaced the inner stems back in the 60s and lost the original numbers.

Good luck with your oldie, I love the way they look and paddle.

sure looks like a nice boat
Walked into my Bank the other day, they have a green one cut in half and had book shelves made in it, bout made me sick

Got a Thompson Bros.
Fat Elmo:

What a beaut! Did you replace canvas and all? What sort of shape was she in when you started? I got a 30s vintage Thompson Bros awhile back and deskinned it and began the restore process, but I have yet to replace the few cracked planks and one cracked rib. One of these days. Yours is an inspiration.

Lucky me

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Wha Ho,Pigrim;

Lucky dat I bought it cheap from a local dealer dat took it in trade fro' a customer who had jus' recanvased it, but..... the former owner didn't refinish or fix some cracked ribs before he did de recanvasing. Dah! Made my job a hell o' alot harder. Couldn't use stripper cuz' it'd I'd figure it probably ruin de canvas an' filler. So ah' had ta hand scrape de 70 year old gummy varnish (sandpaper gummed up too much) out of the interior. Dat wuz a real pain in de bumpus.


Peaks were a little rotten (fixed those, looks good). Fixed the few ribs dat wuz slightly cracked. This canoo waar de deluxe model wit mahogany gunnels an' decks. Built in '36 sold to a guy in Paterson, NJ for $75 new. Wat aar they now....$4000 +.

Good luck wit yer canoo.

Fat Elmo

3 Wood Canvas
1947 OT HW 16’ Restored and paddled often I love it as a solo. I love to tell people it was made the same year I was born. Most say the canoe appears to be in better shape then the canoer. 1931 OT Guide 18’ in the shop almost ready for canvas. Will be a tandem tripper when done. Also my pride a 18’ Carleton I bought in 1958 when I was 11 years old. Restoring it for the 2nd time. Going to make a sail rig for her.

Here’s mine
I restored my 2 wood canvas Chestnuts, ones a 16 Pal, the other was a 15 ft Chum tandem, which I set up as a solo after the resto.

The Chum ain’t original, but she paddles nice as a solo, and is perfect for a week long solo trip;