old canoe rehab ?s

Hi folks,

I have an old Mad River Malecite that I inherited years ago. It is from about 1979, f-glass olive green with wood trim. Any tips from folks who have rehabed similarly equiped canoes is appreciated

The hull is intact and free of cracks. It does have a fair amount of surface scratches with some dulling of the color. Any advice on polishing and hiding some of the bigger scratches is welcome.

Also does anyone know of a source for the old style Mad River Decals?

I painted the inside with some garage floor paint in sand color and it looks like new.

I replaced the gunwales a couple years ago but had to use lap joints due to length of ash ( I made them from 10’ stock). I made some cherry deck plates (overlapping, not fitted) but the screw at the tip doesn’t want to hold tight. Thinking about epoxying it in place.

Since it still performs well I’d like to rehab this boat as best as possible without incurring major expense. The option is sell it for a solo boat but since I’m getting more familiar with kayaks (got a Zoar sport for the “wife” to use) I’ll probably go with a kayak for solo stuff.

Thanks in advance for all tips and advice.

I have one old MR decal not on a boat
and I suppose I could scan it, though it’s white on a cream backing, and send the file to you. Then you could upsize or downsize it, change to the color you want, and finally take it to a local producer of decals or stickers.

Thank you
Thank you for the offer of the decal copy. I’m not very computer savy so if you could tell me how I could get this from you I’d be very grateful.

Thanks again