Old Chinook dent

Hi everybody

I have an old Chinook that has a dent in the hull from it from sitting on a bar in the sun. I’ve tried to heat it up and push it back out but after a day the dent comes back. I hate to just get rid of the boat if I can fix it. I know it’s old but I still like it. Can I maybe glue a piece of plexiglass inside to stiffen and strengthen it to help hold its shape? Thanks for the help

Hey Woogiebear - I’m sorry I have no advice for your dent problem, but I noticed in your profile that you like to go to Wawayanda. I’m there all the time. If you ever see a dark red canoe out there, paddle over and say hi!

Hey Keicher
Hey Keicher, I’ll look for ya!

Thanks everybody
I really love to paddle it. Thanks for the suggestions.