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…yea or nay, from folks with 1st hand experience…thanks.

I used Old Dominion to get Sally’s Trylon Hurricane Tracer here from South Carolina several years back, and they worked fine. Get Outdoors, South Carolina, wrapped the boat in multiple layers of bubble wrap, below a final later of cardboard, and taped each layer with heavy duty packing tape. The boat is made of Hurricane’s proprietary vacu-formed thermoplastic, pretty tough stuff, and it arrived looking good, no scratches, dents, or flaws. The cost was lower than several other freight companies I inquired about, with a couple not wanting to ship a kayak, period.

Back then, the only drawback was that Old Dominion didn’t ship to residences, but we were lucky, and the law offices in the house next door accepted it for me and had the boat dropped in their side yard, where I picked it up before Sally got home and put it in the back yard as her surprise Christmas present.

I don’t know what their residential delivery policies are now, but if that’s not a problem, I’m happy recommending them to ship at least a plastic boat in which to


-Frank in Miami

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I was a while ago, but there were no problems. It was easy enough to pick it up at their warehouse.

Shipped my kayak last year

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QCC used them to ship me my new kayak last August. I assume kayak was packaged by QCC. It arrived in great shape. Only minor problem was the front office at pickup wanted me to sign that the kayak was ok before they would let me unpack it. I didn't want to sign for it until I knew the kayak was ok.

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Factory packaging only (wrapped in heavy plastic sheeting , inside of plastic bag). One poly boat, one thermoformed boat, neither one damaged. Delivery to a business is generally $50 cheaper.

Both boats were delivered in winter time, so one disclaimer, I think heat damage could be a consideration as neither boat was supported properly when I saw them in the trailer prior to unloading. Semi trailers get HOT.