Old dude looking for shallow water kayak

I kayak saltwater mainly in tidal creeks for the purpose of fishing and nature watching. I am looking for a new sled with a flatter bottom for a shallow draft. Contact with oysters is probable although I try not to. Sight casting to reds.

I do like decked canoes or yaks but I am not sure I can get one light enough, old town loon for example. I am in Florida. Low wind profile preferred. Need to keep it as light as possible for rough launches.

Any suggestions Or recommendations out there? Building is not out of the question. Very good wood and average glass skills. My neighbor does have a wooden rowing skiff with almost a flat bottom. It is about 14 x 38”. If it was a bit narrower I think I would have already popped a copy off it.

Thanks in advance


Look at Chesapeake Light Craft. You have to build them and they have a huge selection. Their kits are great.

Go here and ask them, Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Club… http://www.jaxkayakfishing.com/

CLC Boats isn’t for fishing kayaks. You can fish from them. But they really only have one SOT.

I’ve got their 17 footer and they are pretty nice boats. It’s the most likely boat for me to take out on any given occasion. I’m not sure about the light weight factor though. How light are we looking for? 50ish pounds is pretty normal with a yak that isn’t big money. 50 pounds is fairly light, most of the time. Fishing yaks being quite a bit more for the average weight.

You might Google pirogue plans. In many ways they meet your wants.

Look at jemwatercraft.com
I’ve built 2 of their boats. The Swamp Girl is a piroque type.
If you want a real challenge, build one from plans.

The perfect boat for shallow water is a bigger boat for more flotation. Most beginner boats are really flat and so are plenty of advanced boats.

Take a look at Hurricane Kayaks.

Their Santee Sport might be the ticket. The large cockpit opening will allow easier access to your fishing gear. Their thermoformed boats are also considerably lighter than comparative rotomolds.

That is my quandary. What is the sweet spot Between shallow draft and paddle ability. I do have plans for a JEM wadefish, but don’t think it is quite right.