Old epoxy

Just bought a Chesapeake Light Craft kayak kit that has been sitting for several years in a guy’s garage. Anyone got any idea whether the Epoxy will still be good?

Also has anyone here ever built a Chesapeake 17

If the cans have been tightly closed, it
should be OK. Even if part has been used. I’ve used West epoxy that was up to 5 years old.

I would suggest that, if you buy the kit, you do some test work with the epoxy and some scrap FG and ply.

And try to do the work in temperature above 70 degrees F. The epoxy will wet out the cloth more easily.

Oh, and if the kit is still in a box, does it appear to have been stored flat and kept away from moisture? You’ll need to give it some time in a dry environment to give up moisture.

Any more details about the state of the kit?

hardener may have reddened some
I share g2d’s concern about checking the wood for warping, twisting, or water damage. This type of deformation would make building a symmetrical boat with fair lines difficult.

If a small test batch of epoxy cures on wood and fiberglass you will probably be OK but the hardeners tend to develop a reddish discoloration with age. This means that the epoxy won’t be quite as clear when cured. It probably won’t look bad over mahogany plywood but I would test it first.

If the epoxy cures but you don’t like the color it won’t make a difference if you plan to paint the hull exterior. You could still use the old stuff on the interior and get some fresh epoxy for the deck, or the deck and hull exterior if you plan to bright finish the entire thing.

I build a CLC Patuxent 17.5 but not a Chesapeake.