old fiberglass kayak

I have an old fiberglass kayak , sit in , looks like river type , with pictures all over the top and the words Rising Sun on it. dose and one know about this kayak? is it a one of a kind, or did some company make them?

No one did one-of-a-kind composite
kayak, unless the first one out of the mold was so bad that the design was junked.

We had another report of one of a Rising Sun. Post a picture if you can. Most such purchases only result in an obsolete and bad-paddling boat, but once in a while the purchaser is lucky.

pictures please

back in the 1970’s and ‘80’s
a lot of people made their own fiberglass whitewater boats using borrowed or rented molds. The Augsburger slalom boat design was popular for whitewater(standard 12’ length used in Olympic slalom racing – usually ended up being between 20 and 25 lbs layed up in fiberglass). These were pointy on both ends with a rockered but very shallow hull and fairly narrow cockpit. Embedding pictures or designs in the top coat was fairly common, at least in my neck of the woods. I had one like that for a while.

Without more description of it, it’s anyone’s guess what you’ve got.

just remembered a "Rising SUn"
There’s an outfitter out in Vancouver that I remember from last time I was out there paddling in Deep Cove on Indian Arm fjiord. They’re called “Rising Sun”. Just checked their site and they have some fiberglass kayaks custom made for their fleet by Nimbus. Perhaps might have been one of theirs? A long shot, since all the boats I saw in their livery were sea touring models.


I’ve got one like that

I know its a pre 1980 boat, and probably much earlier. Its 13 feet long, 15 inch wide cockpit but the seat is even narrow at the hips. Its low decked for an older boat, only 10.5 foredeck and 9 in the rear. And its very pointy at both ends, with no name on it.

Maybe an early slalom boat. Around
1980, slalom boats were getting lower at the ends, to sneak gate poles. Slalom cockpits at the time were murder to get into.

those boats required “snake-hips"
When I went to sell that old slalom boat I posted a bunch of good photos on Craigslist along with all dimensions (it was custom built for a 5’ 5”, 130 lb woman) and priced it to move at $140. Got a dozen calls the first day but the first 5 people who showed up to see it couldn’t even begin to fit inside it. One guy got stuck and had to wriggle out of his shorts to exit (good thing he had briefs on under)!

Finally a wiry hippie dude with a George Carlin-esque narrow ass showed up – kayak fit him like a glove and he was thrilled to take it off my hands. Probably still running the Yough in it.

“George Carlin-esque narrow ass” Is that a technical term?

my age is showing
Maybe you’re too young to recall scrawny comic George Carlin’s 1970’s stand-up routine where he relates how his black buddies scoffed at him for having such a pathetically flat “honky” derriere.

“Look at them droopy drawers. Mah man ain’t got no ass!”