Old fiberglass Necky; help ID


First post here. My wife and I are casual kayakers. She has an old Necky touring kakay that she loves, but the seat has fallen apart (it was a custom seat, I think) and the bulkhead covers are starting to let water through. So, we are hoping we can get this old dog fixed up. It would help if we could identify the model, in the distant hope that we could get replacement parts (seat / covers). However it’s more likely that we’ll just have to find someone who can fix boats to help us out!

I contacted Necky and heard back from Johnson Outdoors Watercraft which purchased Necky a while ago. The boat is too old for them to have in their records (its serial number is NEC192MY89, so it was made in May 89).

Here are a couple of pictures. It’s 17 feet long.


Thanks for any help/advice!


Arluk IV?
although it’s listed at 16’ long (if that’s a Tempest 170 below it in your photo then that might be right)

the Arluks had that peaked, squarish front hatch cover; other models had on that was more rounded.

Kayak ID
Looks a lot like the Necky Tesla I paddle. If it really matters to you I could take detailed measurements.

Second vote for Tesla
Contact Snapdragon for neoprene inner hatch covers. They have patterns for old Neckys and do great work. You’ll get a better end product than from Johnson Outdoors. I’ve found JO people to be useless. Aftermarket seats can be had from Redfish, Bumfortable, and others.

I did my own seat out of minicell foam

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when in a similar situation. But if you aren't confident about improvising, redfish is one source for custom foam seats that also add flotation to the boat. I think their email is


and the link for seats is: