Old Folbots

I see a lot of old Folbot kayaks turn up on craigslist, ebay, etc usually with no year, model or other info. Is there any kind of online resource with info about old (30+ years old) Folbots … maybe an archive of old catalogs? I haven’t been able to find very much about them.

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Probably the best all encompassing source for folding kayaks of any brand

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The Folbot FB group is also really active and there’s lots of advice Redirecting...

Thanks. I had found that site but it didn’t appear to have any info on older models (maybe in the currently-inaccessible photo gallery?) And the forum seems a little dead, but maybe I’ll try posting there.

I don’t have a FB account, although it looks like I can view it. Definitely more active than the foldingkayaks forum.