Old Grumman Canoe serial number and accessory attachment

I was excited to find this used canoe on the local craigslist as I was a BSA canoeing merit badge instructor at summer camps for many years back in the 50s and 60s. The Grumman canoes were the workhorses of all summer camps back then, and I remember that our staff always tried to get to the single “special lightweight” version compared to the common standard ones. The staff used to compete in races without paddles, standing on the rear deckplates and jumping up and down to propel them forward. Those were the days!

The plate on the bow deck shows the following: 4605-GP-SK-17. The boat has seven ribs and was painted a pale blue at some point, but perhaps not by Grumman.
Perhaps you can also help me to identify a structure on the floor between the bow seat and the bow flotation bulkhead. It is a 2" by 21/2" square with four holes at its corners. It is riveted on the centerline with the original manufacturing rivers and is elevated some 1/4" above the floor. There are two holes on each inner gunnel opposite the structure on the floor. It seems obvious that there was factory provision for some accessory to be attached there, but I have never seen this attachment location before. Thanks for your assistance.

The thing on the floor might be the last step for a sail kit. They were putting them out with the bracket whether rigged or not.

I went to scout camp in the 90’s and they were using Grumman boats. I wonder if they were the same boats.

Canoes and rowboats

Thanks. I could not think of anything else that could attach there but never saw such a kit. Do you know if grumman ever made such a kit, or was it likely aftermarket???

Not sure about rowboats, but all of the canoes at our local NE Pennsylvania camp and at one I visited in upper New York state were Grumman.

According to the friend we bought the canoe from Grumman produced a sail kit. Expecting sales they were installing the mounts during construction. But she didn’t purchase the kit. You might also have some cam chletes and blocks on the thwarts too. (See pics)

Thanks for confirming my guess. I have learned from the manufacturer that they stopped making the sailing kits in the early 90s. I am attaching a photo of the floor plate in my boat, which is slightly different from yours. I would love to learn more information about the sail kits and find one for sale. If anyone knows of a kit or parts for sale, I would love to hear from them.

I have a Grumman canoe with the sailing accessories, and was trying to date it when I found this forum. Anyone know how to search for the history of Grumman’s sailing canoe efforts? The serial number on the canoe is 13985-G-5-17, and another reply says that the G means it was manufactured in 1960. Anyone know how to confirm that?