Old guy needs Babe for a paddling

Must not be too fast, be a great cook and camp organizer and not have a jealous SO.
My wife is OK with it as long as it gets me out of the house.
Oh, and have a really good sense of humor.

I’ve seen that tried before. It usually ends up with someone getting the house.

If you see me paddling with a good looking young lady, it’s one of my daughters!

How fast is fast? :wink:

Send picture of boat.

I have the same checklist but for the opposite gender – too bad you live so far away (though I am hardly a “babe”). One would think that it would be easier to find a male paddling buddy but that has not been the case (have lost several excellent trip partners to SO objections over the years – being a single female makes me particularly suspect, apparently, though I actually am very monogamist and do have a beau, but his work obligations mean he can rarely paddle). I did luck out during my trip to England joining a Yorkshireman in a tandem canoe on the River Derwent. Actually this particular Yorkshireman lives in Florida most of the year, near Coco Beach. :

I know what you mean. I had a great female hiking and paddling partner for years. Both of our spouses were OK with it. She got divorced and remarried and the new guy didn’t like the arrangement.

I did act on a something neat that I encountered while hanging out with the members of the Malton & Norton Canoe Club in the UK – our outing trip leader and several others carried and shared personal “calling cards”, like a business card but with full personal contact data plus information relating to their love of paddling and photos of the card owner or of a river scene.

Think about how often we run into strangers, or friends of friends, during trips and scramble to find a scrap of paper and pen to write down contact information, which (as often as not, at least for me) ends up getting lost and the “let’s get together and paddle (or hike or ski) sometime” never happens. Even saving phone numbers often results in wondering who the heck that strange name is in the contact list ("where and when did I meet “Ray w/ blue Tsunami?”).

I thought the cards were such a great idea that I went to the Vistaprint website (there are others, but they seem to have the best prices and graphic selections) and designed my own – had them within 4 days later, 250 cards for less than $25 Could have uploaded my own photos (more costly) but I chose a colorful photo of a woman in a kayak from their hundreds of stock shots, which looks so much like me that friends I’ve shared the cards with are surprised to hear it’s not. I plan to carry the cards with me on all my outings, group trips and travels. Might try laminating a few to carry more easily while paddling. I mention on the card that I have extra boats and gear and invite people to get in touch with me if they are ever in the area to go paddling. I’ll be interested to see how this goes and helps in maintaining contact with potential paddling buddies.

I can lend you Wanda Tibbs

That’s OK Chuck. I know you would miss her terribly.

Just be careful about that. I know one situation where the married guy is now living with the single paddle babe. (both 60+)

@Chuck von Yamashita said:
I can lend you Wanda Tibbs

Wanda went a wandering.
“Needed some fresh air,” she did spout.
Frigid nights neath borealis lights
left her flat (Anchorage gals pointed out).

She drifted south pulling strings.
Talk about your paddled inflatuations!
Her former fairest was now smitten in Paris,
Her new pal met o prickly situation.

@tjalmy said:
If you see me paddling with a good looking young lady, it’s one of my daughters!

In my case, it would be one of my granddaughters :blush:

I have put ads in CL for a paddle buddy and don’t care for the gender as they are Buddies.
I get a lot of women pretending to paddle but they all lie (they are hoping I will fall-in-love and quit all this outdoor crap) about paddling.
I occasionally get a guy offering oral sex. Not what I want.
BUT my current paddle group is:
Shawna who was a coven member who discovered that she loved paddling after attending our annual Yule Paddle.
Ken, a young airman who answered my CL ad.
Maria who attended a kayak meeting and thought I look like I was one of the ‘cool kids’. Ha!!! She sometimes brings her BF along.

I did have one woman pound on my door at 5am one day. She said that she had an unfulfilling sexual experience’ and need to go paddling so I took her to a lake about 3 hours away. At the lake, she asked if I had brought a corkscrew as she needed to drink. I told her that if she would paddle topless, I would get that bottle open. She agreed and I pulled my swiss-army knife from my PFD.
She and I were paddle buddies for years until she put on 200# and could no longer fit into her kayak.

Bottom line is that I am a kayak-slut and will paddle with anyone who enjoys the sport. Yes, a beautiful, busty female nudist is preferred but as mentioned, I am more interested in the company and here is my favorite paddling partner.

The first is me and Pug camping on the Colorado below Hoover Dam, the second is me and Pug on the Salt for a day-trip.

And dogs don’t talk back.

Honestly? Rena never besmirched, er, spoke to you with disapproval as to her narrow comportment behind you in that Wenonah Voyager that for a short spell you captained? Because, for near eight years of his ten earthly that I allowed my Mister Starbucktheboat to ride afore to this Ahab’s Voyager helm, I could almost swear when the wind swept over the bow it was delivering to me ear some kasnikkery jawin’ of semi-profane wolfish derivatives. Either that, or, if Moby was holdin’ his yap in check (somethin’ me many paddlin’ associates would avow he were in almost no sense predisposed to do), it t’wer most likely 'em sultry sirens of the Take No Liberties Isles, in perfect reversal to Greek mythological suppositions sirening me to, “Shove off, sailor!”

Women? Oiy! There’s potentials in annoy! Dogs? Oh boy, bad boy! Maybe I can find me a mute macaw on Craigs List?’ Course, the women wishin’ to have anything to do with me are usually to be found at your local chapter of the Blind & Fully
Confused Carmelites of Misguided Mercy. And the canines come from the ASPCA (American Society Promoting Canoer Anxiety) Bombs That You Shelter Misadoption Agency. On second thought, maybe one of those Sisyphian Pet Rocks will do for the proper reticent ballast.

@string said:
And dogs don’t talk back.

Neither does Wanda