OLD Mad River Canoe model?

I have my eyes on an OLD Mad River canoe that is being sold by the original owner but identification is being elusive. It was bought new around 1983-1984 and is fiberglass and is 18 1/2 feet long. These characteristics are certain according to the seller,…but the model is unknown. Anyone have an idea what other models they were making besides the Malecite way back then?

Could It Be the Lamoille?
It was about 18.5-19’ and 33" or so beam.

The Lamoille was the only 18+ foot canoe that MRC made that I am aware of apart from the 20+ foot long Grand Laker, which was a square stern. They made a 17 1/2 foot long Voyageur.

The TW Special was also 18"4"

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It preceeded the Lamoille. Given the year and the apparent lack of a model badge, I think it's a TW Special.

If its a TW Special
buy it. That was one heck of a boat.

measures in at 18’6" and 33" wide, had one and my paddling buddy still has it. Sweet hull, very fast. Hard to come by so grab it if you can!


TW someones initials?
It might be a TW. Is that someones initials like the DY special being DAVID YOST?

Two guys
Here is an old thread http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1296051

I “think” I can read from a picture that the serial number starts MAD88…

A Pic

One long hull!

Titcomb & Walsh
The initials are for Titcomb and Walsh who designed a USCA racer with high sides for downriver racing. The legend had Jim buying the plug, gluing a rope down the keel line, them fairing it in with Bondo to yield the famous Mad River semi-V bottom.

Only the goddess knows if that’s true, and she ain’t saying. I had two TW’s over the years, the first if Glass, the second in Kevlar for obvious reasons. That V bottom was a great tracking aid.

Please let us know how this turns out
Did you get it? Pictures?

Somebody bought it!
It was for sale on Tampa Bay FL craigslist and I live 400 miles away in SC so it was a “stretch” to make the drive. Looks like someone bought it. They wanted $300 for it in very good condition,…just faded finish and a little refinishing of the gunwales is all that was needed. Probably was a TW Special!

Thanks for the update
Those long distance purchases when it’s a good deal rarely work out. Early bird and worms.

Better luck next time.

I once drove 250 miles
to buy what was listed as a 20’ Old Town Tripper XL listed on CL only to find when I arrived that it was a 16’ Old Town Camper. I was not pleased.

Last year I drove a scant 25 miles to look at a “14 foot Sawyer canoe.” When I got there it was a DY Special!