Old Mad River HINs

I have an old Mad River Explorer that I’ve been working on, and I can’t find a HIN/serial number. It isn’t in the usual place, anyway, and all the original seats/thwarts/decks are gone. It is Royalex, and the sticker says Waitsfield Vermont.

Was there a time before HINs?

You have a valuable craft, immune to
Homeland Security tracking devices. You can tour naval bases without being noticed.

OP is in Canada
and in his right mind will probably stay there.

Could perhaps contact Mad River Canoe

Pre stamped HIN’s…
I’ve done so many very early Royalex re rails, and there was definitely a period in the beginning of Royalex production at MRC when HIN’s were not stamped on the hull. I have had a few early ones with numbers written up in the ends of the hulls, but they usually represented the Royalex sheet number. I never got an official company history, to be exact, as to when they started stamping. I suppose I could ask Jim Henry. Stay tuned.

PS The folks currently at Mad River would have no idea.

Permanent marker
I have refinished several 80’s model MR canoes and some had their serial numbers hand written with permanent marker way up high near the bow and sometimes concealed partially by the gunwale.

Not stamped
I took the old rails off and put new ones on, so it isn’t under there. If it is any more help, there is an oval sticker indicating that it is “Royalex, the heart of the toughest canoes”, and Waitsfield VT

It is looking great, and should provide many more years of useful service. If you talk to Jim Henry, give him my thanks - every old Mad River I’ve had has been a keeper (though regrettably I have sold a few too)

How about a photo?
Show us how it looks!