Old model Pyranha- what sprayskirt

I accquired an old pyranha Razor river runner boat. I believe it was made around 96-7. I cant find any specs as to what size or type of sprayskirt to get for this boat. It’s a great little boat to paddle, but definitly needs a skirt.

Cockpit size is listed as 27" x 37.5", but that just does not seem right for WW boat. Especially considering that that boat is 24’’ wide. Probably a typo, should read 17x37.5, typically large deck.

Measure your cockpit externally, then you’ll know what sort deck is required

SnapDragon is one of companies making skirts, here is their deck list


I believe SD does custom skirts - based on cockpit rim tracings, dimensions, and the placement of butt

I second SD, good skirts. Also Immersion Research makes good WW skirts and are very helpful. If you measure your coaming and call IR they will steer you right.