Old Old Town paddles

I have several OT paddles purchased between the late 1940s and the late 1960s. Is there any source for information about the woods, shaft dimensions, blade profiles, etc. used by OT in those years?

Try contacting Old Town.

You can measure the dimensions and
draw the profiles. Next thing to do is go to a website for a maker that offers several different styles and blade designs, and compare yours to those.

You could have good answers in a day, instead of waiting for replies from Old Town.

OT paddles
Thanks. Info that could be used date a paddle doesn’t seem to be available. . . 'though there are differences.

Old Town DID respond very nicely within a few hours with copies of catalog pages.

Would you mind sharing those pages?
I’ve got a couple of older ones that I’d be curious about. I’ll send you a PM that you can respond to, if you’d be so kind.

“Old growth” VG spruce

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with that distinctive ridge at the throat and narrow grip. Some are surprisingly light.

I think that "Dri-Ki" guy on eBay used to work for Porter making paddles for OT. He or somebody at Shaw & Tenney may know some history.