Old Old Town Stillwater 14: Pass or Buy? (re: fiberglass damage?)

I’ve been wanting to replace my Old Town 154 with something lighter I can manage. (and cheap)
There is a Stillwater 14 locally. $100. However, just looking at the pictures there may be some damage on the fiberglass?
I haven’t seen the canoe in person yet, but going off the pictures. Does there appear to be damage here? (using best judgement)
If so is it hard to repair?

Look at the bottom of the hull. Glass is relatively easy to repair. Feel for soft spots. Cracks? I would want to see it washed.

Someone said the fiberglass is weakening where I put the circles. Should I be worried about the wet looking spots in the front?
I really want to like this canoe : ) if I had something easier to manage I would go out more. I have only been on lakes and slow rivers.

They could be cracks, or bruises in the glass. Either way it would be easy to repair\reinforce them. Although you may not get the creases out. I got my fiberglass canoe free because the previous owner didn’t want to repair the tear in the hull. It took me all of an hour to fix it. Then a tree branch fell on it after a snowstorm. That also caused a crack. A few ounces of resin and some cloth took care of that, bu it still has a crease. I’m not too worried about it, it works just fine.
I’d go take a closer look, and offer less if you see it will need repair.

you do know the Stillwater is aptly named
Slow fat and painfully heavy
Our neighbors have one
Very heavy for a fiberglass boat. 55 lbs is hull only no seats no gunwales. I dont believe it is fiberglass mat but rather chopper gun
My neighbors got it cause it was cheap when new. $500

Are the gunnels wood? Any rot?

Thanks for the replies. I have a slow fat canoe at the moment. Thought it might be better but sounds more of the same :slight_smile:
It was a busted deal anyways. I guess the neighbor kids really did a number on it. I told her I would take if off her hands for free, but she still wanted the $100. Cracks in the hull, Torn from the gunwales in a couple spots. I had to laugh & wish her luck selling it.